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  • A match at last!

    One kit, with quite a good tree really, just hasn't been coming up with recognisable matches. I was starting to have nagging doubts that the tree was incorrect or a baby was switched at birth! I think part of the reason close cousins haven't tested because they are either from the "posh" very well recorded side (and maybe they're scared they'll find out they're not who they thought they are!) or from the side that features insanity, illegitimacy and bigamy (with a few good eggs).

    Finally worked out a connection today in spite of the match having only the paternal line on their tree, and no list of surnames, so I went searching and came across a man the same age with the same first name as the brother of our tester's gt-grandfather, but he was going under his mother's surname. Am awaiting a reply from the match - I don't know whether this will be news to him or not. I suspect this may have been his brickwall.

    Once you get the first match it just gets easier and easier.

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    Congratulations! and just in time for the holidays!