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  • Finally

    Today is a GREAT day

    I finally got DNA proof on my fathers side. I had a idea from my adoption and original birth certificate but when I talked to the gentleman back in 1978 he could not tell for sure as my mom was seeing 2 guys at the same time LOL

    well running through Ancestry's trees I finally found a nice lady that took the Family Finder test and her results came back today. we show to be 2nd - 3rd cousins and according to the family tree her great grandmother was my great grandad's sister.

    I verified my mothers side back in 2010 when I found my mothers family tree and contacted a uncle that was still living and found I had a 1/2 brother and sister. my 1/2 sister took the family finder test and it came back that we were 1/2 siblings.

    so things are finally put to bed today

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    I'm very pleased for you.


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      Originally posted by ltd-jean-pull View Post

      I'm very pleased for you.
      Thanks, I feel great today