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23/25 match, variant surname, unusual haplogroup

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  • 23/25 match, variant surname, unusual haplogroup

    I was very excited to find out that a 10/12 match is actually (after both upgraded) a 23/25 match.

    Now we are going to 37.

    For historical reasons, we could not have a MCRA in the last 300 years.

    The DNAtip suggests a range of statistical likelihoods that make sense. The bottom line is our MCRA probably lived 400-600 years ago. Shared (French) surname originated in the 11th century.

    However, I have an ambition that we can tie the mutations to a geographic split. It's just an ambition; not sure if it will be possible.

    There is a specific event in 1385 when the founder of the English line of my family left Ireland (his stayed). If the mutations since were a "marker" for this split, that would be very cool!

    The documents have a trail, but we have reached the end of it.

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    That does sound pretty interesting.

    Let us know what develops.