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  • Not Scottish but German!

    For as far back as anyone can remember, my Ross line was believed to be Scot. We all worked on a many decades old story that one son of my 3rd gr grandfather wrote down. No one could get anywhere on finding Jacob Ross.
    Then one day I decided to see where another cousin's Ross line went to. We have been trying to find our connection for over a year. His line went to the same place, but wasn't the same line. But in digging around in that info, I actually found my missing Ross and it wasn't Jacob! I ordered a book that a Ross gentleman had put together of that line and other's in the same state. And there he was, Phillip Ross, who's father came over from Germany! There was much excitement among my Ross kin that had been searching for so long! And all because of a cousin who had his tree up. We still don't know how we are connected, but he will always be a special cousin in my eyes.

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    Have you looked into the possibility that your Ross family may have travelled to Danzig or elsewhere in the Hanseatic League during the 1500s & 1600s and remained as businessmen?

    My reason for asking is that in researching my Johnston family I discovered 3 Johnston brothers who went to Danzig of the Hanseatic League ca. 1602 +/- 5 years. There they prospered. Some moved inland into what became Prussia and then Poland where one of my distant cousins has discovered over 50 manor houses built/owned by their descendants. Another branch moved into what is now Germany and go by the name "von Johnston".

    There was a fairly sizeable movement of Scots into Europe at that time, at least 10,000 according to one source.

    I hope that this helps.

    Good hunting,

    Clifford "Cliff." Johnston


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      Ross is an old German Word for Horse.

      I am german with old ancestry in Pommern with a lot of britisch Matches due one of my ancestors called Petrick. Petrick is probably changed from irisch Patrick.