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Searching for Birth Father.

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  • Searching for Birth Father.

    Born November 1970 in Brisbane Australia.

    Looking for birth father who was with my birth mother Kaye Saunders who was a barmaid in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I was conceived around February or March, 1970. I would love to meet you please. You may not even know about me.

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    Good Luck

    I have a biological father who probably doesn't know about me either as my mother was pregnant and married the man who raised me!

    Yours in "unknowing"


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      Have you done the Family Finder DNA test?


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        yes have done family finder. Just not good at where to go now.


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          just wish someone could do my search for me as I hardly understand anything.


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            What is the estimated relationship of your closest matches? Have you had your mother take the test too? It would be best if she did, so you can rule out which of your matches are on her side. If she is unwilling to test, or deceased, your search will be much harder.

            Ideally, what you want to do is look at your closest matches that you believe to be on your father's side, then look at the matches you have in common with them, and then look for common ancestors among them. These are likely to be your ancestors too. Create a tree of the common ancestors, researching all known descendants, looking for descendants who would be male, of the right age, and in the right location at the right time (I recommend an subscription to do this research more easily). Find close relatives of candidates and ask them to test to confirm or disprove.

            You may want to explore:



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              Originally posted by sonya30 View Post
              just wish someone could do my search for me as I hardly understand anything.
              Here is a guide to the tests. As far as finding your father, the test that you took (family finder) will find cousins, who may eventually lead you to your father's DNA. As a female, you do not have the Y chromosome, which would match your father's DNA, so the family finder will lead you to cousins..



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                thank you kindly.


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                  Look at the list of matches you have and see who is the closest match. They will share the largest amount of DNA with you.

                  Example, my 2nd cousins are sharing on average about 240cM with me. They know their family trees and are both on my mother's side and traceable back to our shared Great Grandparents. I have a 3rd cousin who shares 105cM and can trace him back to our GGreat grandfather. He also knows his family.

                  But with a person who shares 101 cM with me, who has no idea about his family, I can't help him. We possibly share DNA from my father's side, because of our matches "in common with". But which of the 8 GGgrandparents his people might match, we have no idea. Trying to trace the descendants of all of those people to see if one or more of them would be male, the right age, and the right location is going to be a great deal of work, if we do conclude that my dad's folks are connected to this 3rd cousin. And, of course, he might not even be a third cousin he might be farther back than that.

                  It seems many of my labeled 2nd to 4th cousins are actually running at a 6th cousin level. A lot of intermarrying going on.

                  Hopefully, you will have some close cousins showing already, though I don't know how popular DNA testing has become in Australia. Finding a father can take years, or you could get very lucky.

         is testing in Australia. It has surprised me over there the number of cousins, I've got "down under". If you haven't done the Ancestry test, you might want to consider doing it as well. You'll have a larger pool of information to dive into if you increase the number of DNA test bases you get into.