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    English Surname

    Hi Steve,

    My haplogroup is "I" so far with out the deepclade test being done.

    Funny you mention East Anglia because I lived there briefly with the RAF while in the USAF, based at Lakenheath.

    I hope that there is a remaining English family in England that eventually does the 37 marker test and I get a hit. That way we can back track that family. The rumor was our family was wealthy till just after the civil war...

    Where do you now live Steve, and what is your last name?

    Best, Guy English

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  • Stevo
    Interesting and hopeful sounding.

    Out of curiosity, what Y-DNA haplogroup are you?

    With a name like English, does that indicate that your ancestors were Angles or that your family lived in East Anglia?

    In one of my lines (to me through a paternal gg-grandmother), the males have come back I1a (and trace to the same ancestor I do in that line). Since that line originated in East Anglia, I am curious about your haplogroup.
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    English Surname

    I have been searching my family tree on and off since my father started this over 20 years ago. The internet has made a lot of this much easier to do. I was able to find documents to dispell rumor from fact and corrected dates. However, I kept hitting the same brick wall with my most distant known ancestor James C English born abt 1817 in Burlington Co., NJ.

    Just try doing a search on that particular name and you will get hits galore, but none to be found that I can say for certainty prior to 1850, ANYWHERE. The NJ link was something I established through census records. Our family had been in Philly PA for as long as we knew and no where else. Again, the internet proved to show us the NJ link, and listed both his parents being born there as well. Armed with the new info I began searching Jersey. Anyone with ancestors in early NJ knows the records are sketchy and incomplete.

    I have known about the English Surname project for about a year. I was hesitant because there were only about 14 participants. Recently out of frustration and feeling I had no choice but to eliminate those already in the study and hope for a hit in the future with this becoming popular now. I submmited last month and got my results this week.

    Also because the name English can also denote Irish ancestry I was hoping to put that to rest. My own research did not show our family to mingle with any Irish surnames with the exception of one, an Ardrey that is listed as being from Scotland, although that last name is mainly Irish and it could be if I dig hard enough.

    The test showed England as our most likely ancestry.

    Now I did the 25 marker test. I got a perfect 25 match to another member that had sent his in about a year ago. We have both sent in for the upgrade to 37 markers now.

    Okay the result was huge surprise. His earliest known ancestor was born abt 1805, in NC! He migrated to GA and the family has mostly been there ever since. His descendent lives not to far from me ironically here in FL.

    I would never have given this family a second look but the DNA shows us we need to find out more. There are some major differences in our families. His ancestors were farmers (most English's were) and mine were business owners in Philly. I am searching for a paper trail now and have already discovered a mistake in the year when his ancestor was born.

    I will post news as I find it pertinant to this group.

    Best, Guy English