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  • Serendipity

    I have only just received FF results as yet. This allowed me to connect with a confirmed second cousin that I didn't know about. She's been interested in her family, but was missing the name of our common great grandmother. With this missing link in place, in three days she's created a tentative trail back 13 generations. Every day she sends me something new and asks if I've gotten there yet. The answer is no, I'm plodding miles behind.

    As far as I've gotten, it looks like the trail will hold up. Since much of it is along my mother's mother's mother's ... line, I expect I'll have to save up and do an mtDna test just to confirm the relationships . I think this should be considered a surprising success from a first set of results and a first match.

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    If she's going that fast, she's copying online trees, and not getting the documents needed to prove every fact. I suspect online trees are about 80% error. You'd think that, if a person wants to use the science of DNA, they'd be very rigorous about their paper research, but that doesn't appear to be the case.


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      Always good to hear of that kind of breakthrough.