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  • fmoakes
    a success

    New member in surname project has 67/67 Y-DNA match with existing member. New member does not have FF test, but, existing member does. When I checked, existing member is 4th cousin, or greater with sister of new member. Using the Ancestral Surnames filter in searching the FF results brought up the match without searching through the ~ 100 pages of matches.

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  • McBlzr
    I just upgraded to the 111 Y-DNA test today. It is my birthday present to myself as of April 12th.
    I recently connected with a McClellan 3rd cousin male 1x removed that is 32 years old. I will try to get him to submit for Y-DNA testing here. We are both looking to find info that gets us further back past Robert McClellan (1832-1898) in Ohio.

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  • Oldraskill
    started a topic My FTDNA Success

    My FTDNA Success

    I have done a 111 Y-DNA test, Family Finder test, a DF41 SNP test, a Big-Y test and 2 dozen SNP tests at another test site.

    With the 111 Y-DNA I have found 5 cousins I didn't know and now I do, found one first cousin who was a NPE and now he knows who his father is, with FF, I found a 5th cousin who I have confirmed.

    With the 111 Y-DNA test I also confirmed that before 1650 I am a MacLellan/McClellan/d NPE, and I was able to break down the brickwall that had stumped me for over 5 years.

    With the DF41 SNP test, it confirmed my matches to a unique group of matches

    I then did some 2 dozen specialty SNP's at another testing site, and discovered that I was positive for, MC04, MC05, MC07, and MC13, as at the time were not available a FTDNA, I then did a Big-Y test for confirmation, the results were a match.

    With the Big-Y test I have been was able to confirm the SNP's matches I did with the other test site, and with the 2 other MacLellan/McClellan/d, we have also discovered that MC04 through MC13, are unique to the MacLellan/McClellan/d. I have also discovered 8 new SNP's yet named, that are unique to my Webb line, further testing of Webb's in my downstream family will need to be tested for theses.

    When doing Ancestry always triple check.
    one is a possibility
    two is a probability
    three is a fact.

    Thank You FTDNA.