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  • Gedmatch succes.

    A while ago I found my first true DNA match on Gedmatch. The other person had tested with 23andme. The total length was 44.8 cM and longest block was 22.8 cM. The other person had little info of his ancestry, only a handful of surnames. One sounded dutch, so I searched for emigrants with that surname. (I'm dutch too). I found a couple of 'suspects', but we couldn't find a link yet. Until some time ago he discovered some family on census lists. Then we found out we were 6th cousins (and also 8th cousins once removed).

    This was by far my largest match.

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    Thru GeEDMATCH i am about to know which side of my maternal line my closest match is. Its 'relationship tree projection' provided me the important lead, otherwise I would still be using the tedious and more error-prone 'trial and error' method.


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      I too made the paper connection this week to two women who also descend from my grandfather's great grandmother. They had originally tested at Ancestry and posted their results to I never would have found them otherwise. They were my closest matches at 4.2 and 4.6 generations. I can see how one branch ended in New Jersey and the other in the Midwest.


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        X matches on Gedmatch

        I have about 7 "x" matches in Gedmatch ranging from 40+cM segments to 20+cMs, and most of these people overlap with each other. I have contacted these folks and they have been excellent about sharing their family trees, and I have made good progress in figuring out common ancestors.

        Best regards, Douglas W. Fisher

        Paternal: Z372
        Maternal: V19