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Do you have an mtDNA Success Story?

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    Here's the whole photo from which I cropped that headshot of my mtDNA great grandmother (with notes from me).

    Morris_Nora Lancaster and kids.jpg

    Regarding the blond girl labeled "Unknown Morris": The 1910 U.S. Census records that Nora Lancaster had given birth to five children but that only four were then living: Doyle, Lela, Buell, and Opal. This little girl was born sometime between Doyle (1901) and Lela (Dec 1903). She had passed away by 1910. Lela (on my great grandmother's lap) is my maternal grandmother. She kept her natural golden blond hair all her life.


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      I do! But apparantly theres been a long due delay anything about the haplogroup belong too… i hope news comes soon fast because i genuinely believe something has gone wrong along the way. Was waiting for the sample to release


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        Small success story. My mtDNA line goes back to my ggg gm, born in KY in 1813. No clue as to before.

        I got an FMS match with a GD of 0.. He had a tree, so I was able to realize he was my mother's 3rd cousin. This did not break down the brick wall for my ggg gm, but its nice to have it confirmed that I am at the right brick wall.

        I have 14 other FMS matches, most with trees and I have no idea what century we might share an ancestor. So, it's nice to have one match that actually makes sense.

        We also share 65 cM of autosomal DNA (but no X).