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I found where my ancestor was from

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  • I found where my ancestor was from

    DNA helped me find where my ancestor was from and others related to me. My ancestor thomas simmons was born about 1766-1767 in north carolina. there was no family bible or will for thomas. he traveled from nc to tennessee wayne county to johnson county illinois where he died in 1855. he left nothing as to who hs parents were and who all his children are.

    having my dna tested has helped me find a cousin i never knew we had. My dna matched his 100 percent for 67 markers. the man's ancestor was from franklin county north carolina. i have other leads because of this match to others who are close matches. it has helped with my research a lot.

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    My brother's Y DNA closely matched people with three surnames, but it pinned the ancestral location right down. In the 16th century, my father's people lived just north of the Forth of Firth, near Stirling, in Scotland. One of them non-surname matches traces to there, and the other tells a wild tale about being a bastard line of the Earls of Tullibardine, but the way you typically shared a surname with the Earls of Moray was to live on their vast lands, the branch Tullibardine line lived at Tullibardine, and Tullibardine is 10 miles north of Alloa, where the first family lived.