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  • HELP (possible success story!!).

    I discovered a few years ago that I have an NPE in my line and of course, have been trying to figure this out. I discovered on Ancestry's dna site, that I had a close match (gd=2 at 45 markers). I researched his surname in the records in my ancestor's home state, and low and behold, the same surname appears next door to my direct paternal ancestors in a couple of reports in two separate towns.

    Well today, this man finally (after two years) uploaded his results to the project that I set up for him and we are a GD=8 @ 63 markers.

    Things to bear in mind:

    1) I have about 40% off modal markers in my Ht and have had absolutely no close matches beyond 12 markers (and only three exact matches at that!), some of my allele values really push the limits, and since he matches those off modal values, this sent up a red flag.

    2) I am a [email protected] 35 markers with my own brother.

    3)This gentleman has a null value @H4

    4)We also have a gd=4 at DYS 413a/b

    5)His family comes from the deep south and mine comes from the Extreme north and he can trace in the south to 1760, but claims he can get into England to 1650 using Ancestry documents, so the possibility exists that we would not connect until we were in Europe. The surname apparently claims its origins in Cornwall- any DF13+ present there???

    I don't want to get too excited, but given the above factors, should I go hard and heavy in pursuit?

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    Originally posted by Zaru View Post
    I don't want to get too excited, but given the above factors, should I go hard and heavy in pursuit?

    Never mind going hard and heavy! Just relax, and let the genetic data tell the story. Going hard and heavy will NOT alter the facts.

    But otherwise, it looks as though you could be on to something!


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      It matters where you tested. 8 at 63 markers suggests that one of you did not test at Family Tree DNA. Most of teh competition does not include 5 markers that Family Tree DNA provides, that distinguish genuine matches from the background noise.

      8 is a fair amount of genetic distance - 600 to a thousand years if it is a genuine match. But it may well be just background noise, and you may not even both have the same SNPs; in other words, your nearest common ancestor may have lived thousands of years ago.

      With no other history in common, such as a place and/or a surname, I wouldn't base any conclusions on this.

      Too bad. If it took him this long to even test, I'm sure he was too cussed to test where you told him to.