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Will government acknowledge you DNA?

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    To BlackWolp this and the one above.

    My haplogroup is from the Alps,so I guess I'm short,brown haired,and round headed,but I think all your classifications are a little narrow,as you yourself claim you don't look like R1b with all that dark hair.And what about red heads you didn't mention them,where did they get their hair from.Orangutan Apes? Because they too,have orange hair so they must all be from the same family.Many Europeans are probably intermarried with each other,especially since they don't tend to hoard up together.So I see long heads and a few square ones in our family,I'm not ashamed ,but they may represent two strains of people.As for my hair I like it dark I think it's pretty, I forgot one more person with dark hair-Hemmingway(unless he dyed It),and he had blue eyes.Many Europeans are dark haired,and blue eyed.I don't think everyone has dark hair,nor does everyone have blue eyes,but those traits do exist and I have some I'm sure.Also I think race and identity should be viewed on an individual basis,some folks are unmixed and they don't view themselves as everything,many of my traits are one way or the other,not a blend of confetti,so that it won't matter-won't feel anything.Mine matters.


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      Originally posted by BlackWolf
      Although the primary haplogroup of the Jews are J they are seen in R1a, E3b, R1b and other Haplogroups.

      The Jewish people are very mixed and have been from the beginning. You also have R1b in places like Turkey and Syria but they don't look anything like the English and Irish do they?

      Haplogroup is only one of 10 of thousands of different ancestors. If you are proud of your Native AM. ancestry there is nothing wrong with that I am very proud of mine, but I would not base it on Haplogroup.

      The government bases being a Native American on a CDIB card (Certificate Degree on Indian Blood) on any kind of benifits.
      Many Jews are in the same Haplogroup as me ,but they have a distinct subclade that only Jews have ,so you can still tell who's a Jew and who ain't.But the Bible mentions they'd be from every tribe in the world.....not every tribe ,but many...
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