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    To Jim Denning:Many types are Indangered Species

    I don't feel like discussing salmon and Hitler ,too deep and ponderous are those subjects.But I am concerned about reverse racism;it isn't alright for everyone to to treat me bad and destroy me either esp.for no reason other than I'm pretty,sweet,and white/fine,and I'm not rich( just wise),nor am I unjust to anyone.So why drop all the bombs on me?Actually,you should look at things from both sides of the story.If Jews mistreated Germans,or took all of their resources,or simply offended them very much,and if homosexuals,and gypsies were a real burden to German society,if those people were real offenders,then it might have been a necessity to remove them.We didn't live there so we don't know what was going on.It's easy to talk when your not dealing with a situation and it is the German's country,not that of those people who were "taking over".And no other nation stepped up to help the holocaust victims even though they all said they were sorry it happened.And no one lets foreigners take over their country completely,not Israel,not Africa,not Japan,not India not any place,and Germany shouldn't let foreigners take over or (displace them in) their country,because that's their inheritance.


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      Many kinds are endangered species part 2

      Many nations have a no outsider policy.How come they're not considered racist?I guess because they ain't white,so they're no damned good anyway.I mean what quality white person,in their right mind would want to live in an all Asian,African,or Semitic,nation anyway(culturally speaking,because many foreign nations have good quality too)?That's just a thought;I'm just speculating. I'm just saying foreigners would do whites no better than whites do them,honestly,when the tables are turned.You'd be the one on welfare,scrubbing floors,and calling them ma'am,n' eatin' left over scraps,and not educated,or properly dressed,and walkin' 5 miles to work( in a poop pit none the less-they'd never let your white face be seen in one of their posh accounting offices),and a misfit half-breed when they screw you,and dead when they randomly kill you.But if you don't mind,I can't make you.Now you could wind up like that through natural circumstances,but I know stuff too well ,and usually there is a plot by some big group to give you a hard time.But if they do that in your country then you could kick them out or make them stay on one side of the room.
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        Many kinds of endangered Species part3

        I lack so much from my ethnic group,that I don't worry much about people I ain't related to-and I'll never worry about them-they take real good care of Themselves;better than my Haplogroup/country takes care of me!The only thing foreign breeds need is money and industrial help.They usually have a better community than my Haplogroup has. I'm the lone abanonded wolf here.But I cling on real good and everyone marvels at how well I hold on.Even though my ethnic group/country did nuthin' for me.In fact you could say I did OK(by my damned self) because my group and resident country did nuthin' for me.But most race groups provide for their own the best they can,and seek to further them.


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          Ok, enough

          Enough already. Self Identification is a peronal thing and the govt. has no place in it. There are many, many Hispanics who look caucasian, african and Native American yet all of them are actually Mestizo's and have blood from all three. They could be R1, R1b, R1a, J, J1, J2 whatever, on the Y side or any hapologroup on the mt side it does not matter.

          It is looking on the outward, this glorification (not pride mind you) but elite thought that has plagued man from ancient times (and none of them were of "pure" race either in those days)

          The fact is that there are very few 100% so called Aryan caucasians in the USA. Most of them have on average at least 20% East Asian, with some African and a few Native American.

          I am R1b with stong ties to England but I also see Spain, Syria, Italy, Russia and a host of other nations in the Haplogroup along with some Ashkenazi. Does that make me Jewish, NO, because being Jewish is a religion.

          Also, I am a card carrying Native American Indian. (Tsa la gyi)



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            Endangered Species part4

            Transmitters on the body is a little extreme.I was thinking more along the lines of the gov.amping up their technology,acknowledgeing my DNA and calling me a certified breed;you can go ahead and laugh,but those who don't participate won't being guaranteed the right kind of service or any at all,because that's how it is in most neighborhoods( due to people not knowing who you are,or not intending to give YOU one).This info.would be written on my vital records.Some call it racist,I call it justice.In America where people come from all over, this is an esp.needed tool.Most people around the world are what their country is,so their ethnic ID goes along with their citizenship.Years ago people in Germany didn't keep written records,they didn't actually need them-they were all German and so was their system.Not like in America,where people come from all over and you've got to wear you ethnicity on an ID card.The U.S. is also very fluid ,it's not like you'll stay in one small town where everyone knows you.With an Ethnic database you could get what you need from your group's association who would already know of you. Like minaturized nation-building,where someone knows who you are,no matter where you are-databasically-there could be meetings,trips too.


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              To BlackWolf,I luv u Man,but we all have a place

              Well,BlackWolf,some may be blended beyond recognition,but everyone I know does belong to a particular race or ethnic group that they are included in with or identify strongly with,or are similar too,and I'm just asking to be put in my group,that's all.Many native Americans are part white ,but they don't call themselves European,they always say they are Indian,they don't claim to be mixed either,no matter how white they look,no they still cling to that particular Indian.Most people who test their dna on these very sites,say they are that ethnicity-Mexican Indian,Jewish(which IS an ethnicity to some extent or why else wouldn't everyone be called Jewish? and Their language is Hebrew,no one else really speaks that).And I'm not really speaking of pure German per say,because any whole thing is whole.All Black is pure,All Asian is pure,too,and many are.Most people are "mostly" a certain type,though maybe not all.I don't say Aryan because that is a north INDIA tribe,not a German person,as Hitler used the word.Germans aren't Huns either,because Huns are strictly from Mongolia Haplogroup O and Germans Are Not.


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                There must be a way to Tell which you are

                Also I'd rather let science tell me whether or not I'm Hispanic,cause I sure hate guessing.Hell, I could be kidnapped or smuggled away with everyone claiming you're one of them and we're all the same anyway and it don't matter,and all.I like old fashioned stuff ,yep that felt so good,back in the old days where you were just one type of guy and you had your family and all was well.You Could marry another another ethnicity but there was more respect of differences,and better record keeping,they knew who was who,and your ethnic identity wasn't so variable.Now it's scary, like Osmosis,you can float through so many different skins,you don't know Where you'll wind up.I like everybody I really do ,but I also like to be part of a stable group ,a dog owned by one major family only,and loved and provided for,not everyone's dog,a street dog,a community mascot dog.This dog likes to belong.


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                  I'm mostly....

                  Whatever you are mostly that's what you should be called.I'm mt K,mostly,they have 5 strains,mostly (england,ireland,germany,norway,france),I have numbers similar to the irish and german ones mostly,they have certain types of inherited disfunctions mostly,and I think I came down with it too,mostly.I'm not the only one like this,there are about 1 million matches I guess,but they're not joined into one group,so they're rather powerless.People think we're so great ,but we're rather humble and vulnerable I think,mainly because everyone is not like us so we're as special need as a remote Ethopian baby,who is known only by their immediate family and tribe.Actually everyone is Special Need,but most ethnic groups are rich/established and well organized and take care of themselves.I'm not denying other bloods I might have ,but if they give such a Damn then why do't they call me ,teach,me somethin' like they do to their other relatives.If any foreign relatives come forward I'll gladly receive them and learn of my other side.


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                    It's apparent that you don't understand anthropology or history. There is no such thing as 'pure biologically' ethnic people. We all come from the same group of Humans who left Africa tens of thousands of years ago. Throughout written history you will find that groups of people, through conquest, political changes and migrations, have moved all over the world and have been contributing to the gene pools of historic peoples for thousands of years. People migrate, conquer, then absorb ethnic populations. Through these 'mixing' of peoples, comes mixing of cultures, which eventually, becomes a specific ethnicity through time. However, 'ethnicity' is in constant evolution, as Economics, Politics and Religion changes. So, what you will have as a 'German' culture in 5 hundred years, might not be the same as it is known now. This has been going on for thousands of years, so this is NOT anything new.


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                      bobr-I'm something I can recognize again and again

                      What you're claiming IS loony.If you're nothing then you'd have No goddamned dna,you'd just be absolutely nothing whatsoever,you'd be nonexistant,but that doesn't make sense.You'd have no eyes,no hair of any kind,no desires of any sort,certainly not for mustard,no butt,no shape,certainly no backbone,where would you get one of those from,if you're nothing?There would be no purpose to anything if nothing is what it appears to be.Even Chemicals have distinctions-last night my mother was talking to me ,telling me about what makes chemicals different from one another -the number of atoms the chemical contains ,she told me-she likes Chemistry-she asked me did I remember it from High School.If everything was the same then,bread is water,a chicken is an orange,and maybe poop would be delicious icecream,and piss would be relished like soda,it's close cousin.Why not,since there are no actual differences,we just teach ourselves there are.But if anyone catches YOU eatin' poop with a spoon ,they'll have you commited,and rightfully so,since you're smarter than the rest of us,who don't know poop comes in 32 flavors. This post is meant to be funny.


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                        bobr:You're more this than that! Read your Chart!

                        The Humans aren't so mixed up that they don't have a Haplogroup.Apparently,I'm whatever mt K is,and she is sister to Ursula.I love all the other folks' Haplogroups and contributions to MotherEarth and FatherUniverse ,but I ain't related to them all-you can't be related to EVERYBODY,and who would want to be? Most people like to specialize in one thing.I have no Native American Indian DNA,so I had no contact with their God ,the Great Spirit,but I've always admired them.I have no Egyptian ,either and I've always admired them, too! Everybody loves Egyptians!Even Dogs got Breeds.Mixed dogs are no less to me ,but I still know what a Labra-Doodle is: A Labrador Retriver And a Poodle-still two well known breeds combined into a hybrid.A really mixed up thing probably has a variety of likes,talents,and personality traits that it could manifest from it's genes,probably not as singular as the,whole-blood creatures.But I ain't really mixed up,so I'd like to mingle with people from my exact dnaSequence to see if they're made just for me or do opposites really attract.
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                          Im going to reply once......

                          Although the primary haplogroup of the Jews are J they are seen in R1a, E3b, R1b and other Haplogroups.

                          The Jewish people are very mixed and have been from the beginning. You also have R1b in places like Turkey and Syria but they don't look anything like the English and Irish do they?

                          Haplogroup is only one of 10 of thousands of different ancestors. If you are proud of your Native AM. ancestry there is nothing wrong with that I am very proud of mine, but I would not base it on Haplogroup.

                          The government bases being a Native American on a CDIB card (Certificate Degree on Indian Blood) on any kind of benifits.


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                            Here we go again,BlackWolf

                            I have no Native-American Indian DNA Mr.BlackWolf,at least not on my maternal side.None,zilch,zero.So I won't be a card-carrying American Indian anytime soon.My results told me I was a maternal K from Germany/Austria,and they have a kooky past where some of them or two of them are Arab or Lebanese or something,I have yet to figure that part out ,but I'd really like to know so I can know how to view myself.Am I German? Am I part Arab? Maybe my name should be too,so people know who I am. Anyway what your telling me still sounds crazy,because everywhere I look the people look like each other.They may carry small amounts of other blood,but in no wise do they consider themselves to be that smaller amount.What I think,is that people want positive traits from another ethnic group but don't want to be fully that other ethnic group.How come mixed Indians stay on the reservation?How came mixed Jews call themselves Jews?I guess it's because a little don't mean a lot so, they're still Indian or Jewish. Maybe you should be a card carrying member of the groups that you're related to the most.My MT is German-so that's the card we should carry.


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                              Me Again-fussin'/discussin'

                              Everyone's painting me to be the bad guy.You're all claiming I'm trying to prove I'm a Pure Blood Aryan!But I'm just trying to establish WHAT my ancestry IS! If it's all Negro,or all Spanish or Half Chinese,or all Eskimo,or Half Egyptian.I never said anything about me searching for Pure Aryan blood.Thousands of people have gotten theirDNA tested.Why is that?One was half Mexican Indian,another said he is a CohenJew who hid from persecution in Spain,another had a Spanish Surname,but found his genes to be Philipino,and he's glad ,he tells me they're very great people!And many people will show up German,the so-called Aryans-we can't help that,God did put them on this earth.They may be good,but who said they were the greatest?There are good,smart,people in every nation,and many no good,mean people in every race,too(they could be in your own family).And many white men are just Celtic,or Danish,or Latin-everyone isn't mixed beyond recognition! I'm also concerned about my health,if I inherited a condition that people from mtK areas can get.I'd really have no idea since our health and ancestry-related illness are never brought up in this country.
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                                OK I'm All that and a bag of potatoes!

                                Of coure DNA analysis is based on thousands of years ago,so in the current present I'm a Jew,and a Greek,and,a Nazi,and an African American,and a Hispanic,and a Swede, a Native American, oh and a they should all send me send me some I can feed all those personalities and educate them,I want them all to be doctors!