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Will government acknowledge you DNA?

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    Originally posted by vineviz
    Are you saying that you are paranoid, or that you've been kidnapped?

    Just curious.


    i almost hate to continue this but here goes

    race isn't real
    hallopgroups too diverse
    halloptypes too numerous
    people can only be taken for what they are personally
    and govt shouldnt identify anybody
    and this form of genetics cant do that anyways take a good look at ethinic origins of different people very few are only one origin


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      Originally posted by Jambalaia32
      That's why Native Americans use DNA Testing-to see who's one of them so they can get Native benefits! Didn't you know that? Jambalaia32 But,DNA can identify everyone,everyone.
      Jam, um? where exactly are you getting your false information?

      To apply for Native American status, you must first prove who your NA ancestor was, and if that ancestor is not listed on the Rolls, your quest to prove who your NA ancestor will be very difficult to say the least. The paper work to apply for NA status is a big undertaking and no easy task. Only once you can prove with the legal documents, with a direct paper trail to you, who your NA ancestor was and you can prove your 1/8th can you apply to a tribe and get benefits. Well, I supose you less then 1/8th and could apply to the tribe, but you will most likely be turned down if your less then the required percentage.

      No existing DNA test (to my knowledge) will prove your 1/8th Native American as the treaty requires to even think about submitting an application to any tribe to join them and recieve benefits. I believe the Cherokee Nation is the only nation to acknowledge 1/16th but they can not recieve benefits. Only 1/8th or higher percentage can any NA recieve benefits.

      I do know some tribes are starting to use DNA testing to help find their cousins, and that is great! But regardless if a NA cousin is found through DNA testing, if that cousin is not 1/8th, he / she can not recieve benefits.
      Thats a fact!

      Yes it is very possible to be less then 1/8th NA and be excepted into a tribe, that is up to each individual tribe to except you or not.

      This is actually 2 different subjects, but part of the same goal.
      1. Proving your NA ancestor and being excepted in to a tribe
      2. Proving your NA ancestor and you are 1/8th or better and qualify for benefits.

      Maybe before you go off on this list, maybe you should get your facts straight.


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        No Jambalaia32 you have it all wrong. I think everybody should know who they are. I know who I am, but even if I didn't I would still be the same. I'm not going to try and intrude myself into another's culture because of a DNA test. The difference between you and me is I believe the government has no right to collect 'race / ethnic' data because I don't believe their claimed altruistic motives.

        By the way, I didn't assume you were a minority, quite the opposite in fact. Just about none of us look like the air brushed examples in the media. Why do you assume I'm white? Because I don't support government intrusion into defining who am I or what to be? I think that's best left to myself to decide.


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          Why has this thread continued? The original poster gives the impression of being contentious and not mentally capable of understanding the questions that are being discussed. In my opinion, this thread should be treated as equivalent to that of a troll and should be ignored.


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            Gov.recognition,accurate records

            I've been busy,but I'll write soon!


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              Retort To Jason

              Yeah,Well Jason,Maybe GENETIC Genealogy is contentious and so is everyone with a Nation or Ancestry according to you! I'm perfectly mentally capable,that's why I sought proof of my actual ancestry.And DNA has proven that I am from a particular place and race,so there! What ,you don't believe your results? I guess you're absolutely nothing- so suit yourself. Then why get tested at all Mr. BlankSlate? and how do you know what a troll is if it has no known identity?


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                To Jim Denning

                i almost hate to continue this but here goes. race is real (at least to me) my haplogroup ain't all that diverse . yeah people should be taken for what they are personally . i still think the govt should identify me and my group and be aware of other groups (so they know who's comin' and who's goin' and where's they're goin'). i feel the govt would understand me better if they knew who i was. as for peoples ethnic origins-many people have enough genetic cohesion for them to be identified as a member of a group or half of a group (hybrid cultures) .It does count towards having a set dog breed and homeland
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                  Answer to B52

                  I'm not trying to intrude into another's culture-I'm seeking to connect to my OWN culture.I am my results and that fact should be recoginzed.I AM WHO I AM ,like God said on the Mount(you know him don't you? He lead the Jews)Why would I want to be (intrude) in a completely foreign culture where I'd play no viable part?Most seek their own.You've heard of no place like home ,haven't you? Guess Not.I do think the gov.should collect race/ethnic data.It could be optional,if you don't want to then ,you and yours won't get any particular attention.By the way I don't assume your white.I identify people by their looks,names,location,behavior,records,DNA,and by what they tell me ,if it seems to add up.But the United States does assume you're Mexican or Black,or a foreign thing (whatever they can make up).I guess because that's the only thing THEY have so they try to make me say I am by forcing those unknown identities on me(labeling me as one -but I'm not, a fact they avoid). I'm still seeking to get my true identity known,I have a few plans that I'll try......


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                    Jambalaia32 ..

                    "I do think the gov.should collect race/ethnic data"

                    So did Hitler ...


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                      why in the world would anyone want the dna results monitors or ordered by govt.
                      to have new minoritys to create new races lol
                      thats nuts


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                        What are your racial needs Kemaste?

                        Hey Kemaste ,you do have a race and most groups get respect and allotments (to some extent)because of their race, while openly acknowledging and living and declaring their race.I don't know one country in this whole world with the exception of the United States,that doesn't claim to acknowledge their nation's people's race,history,foods,wars,and the like.To me race is just another part of living,and can be administered to, planned for,provided for and arranged.In fact racism should be defined ,so all good race activities could procede as normal.I never see "other " race people giving up any of their goings on to cater to my race,yet they aren't called racist.They can all Go and do theirs,and I guess I'm just supposed to sit on the ground and watch THEM play THEIR games? Every group specializes in their own race,so why can't I? You needn't be Hitler to address people's ethnic needs.


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                          Yeah! Govt. Know My Lineage

                          To Jim Denning: What new races? I don't think there are any ...that is, unless you guys are "outthere' making some.My DNA results weren't a new race but an established breed,and I just want the govt. to respect who I am , like they know and respect all the other breed peoples . As for breed terms I'd call you a whole,or a half .Most folks are whole or half /half of something.Like that Russian Czars's kids were half English and half Russian ethnicity. That was also a rather isolated case since most English didn't marry Russian ,just one royal family did,so would be unlikely that most Brits were British and Russian.Not that it would matter,but each nation has it's own flavor and behavior,and that's how distinctions are accentuated. Besides if the govt. don't know what I am how do they know who their dealing with? Maybe they don't care who.I bet they'd care if I was an ARAB esp. one with a bagbomb tied on his chest when he goes out into the street-yep ,they know what he is,they can't overlook his race ,he's too dangerous!Maybe I ought to start wearing bagbombs to get attn.


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                            I'm not sure if I understand what you are saying. Is it that you are looking to find your ethnicity through DNA? If so, than ethnicity goes far beyond DNA. Ethnicity is related to language, culture, religion and customs, which have nothing to do with DNA. If you are looking to find the geographic origins of your ancestors, then DNA might help you. There are many ethnicities within a geographic area.
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                              The other day i was watching pbs a show about salmon and how we are trying to keep stocks up. the pacific salmon have dimishished stocks of salmon . These stocks of salmon are the genetic groups of salmons. they can tell which group of salmon came from what river a young salmon is part of.i like the show but
                              it made me think of this thread

                              will we ever say L.M.N.T.A.B. haplogroups are endangered species. how would we do this. Will each haplogroup be a species unto itself. It is in the salmon indistries. govt programs are trying really special programs to make eggs and fertize them with males and females from areas not being returned to. they then release these "salmom haplogroups". back into the river not being returned to.
                              they monitor each fish as it progresses into the river.

                              okay lets let our imagination roam and imagine how a beauraucrat will devise a way to save one of my members with a very rare group of allies
                              any talk of hitler is not to be taken lightly. hitler comes in all packages useually very exceptable to mass populations.

                              humans are not salmons what they did to those salmon i would never do to any human.i guess this is determined by your view of life. but i am not wantingly going to allow someone to put a transmitter to follow me around the country .
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                                To bobrNA IS ethnicity basically

                                Most German DNA types have a German culture.How would Germans have a Japanese culture if their DNA isn't Japanese?Most Native Americans Have an Indian DNA and culture.How would they have a Swedish culture if their DNA isn't Swedish? By culture I mean,language,customs,religion,and so on.Culture IS the output of a group's DNA.Africans have their own DNA and customs,and Chinese have their own DNA and customs.How could they not?In the modern world we all share good things from many cultures,for instance I noticed most pizza makers are BlackAfrican or Plain White(not Italian),yet pizza is not their traditional food,like it is in Italian Italy,but pizza is an American adopted favorite,and whoever sells it prepares it themselves.I've invented a new word DNA-culture,which means your DNA is your culture,basically.At least for many normal stable people it is.