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  • Dodecad weac2 Calculator

    I just tried the "weac2" admixture proportion calculator from Dodecad and was impressed by the results.

    Family Tree DNA said I am 67.41% European and 32.5% Middle Eastern.

    Dr. McDonald said I was "99.1% (+- 0.6%) Europe (all Southeast Europe) and 0.9% (+- 0.6%) Africa (various subcontinents)" or "69.6% (+- 21.4%) Europe (various subcontinents) and 30.4% (+- 21.4%) Mideast (various subcontinents)".

    The weac2 calculator said I was 59.62% Atlantic_Baltic, .8% Northeast_Asian, 35.49% Near_East, .66 Sub_Saharan, 3.81% South_Asian and .08% Southeast_Asian.

    The results of the weac2 calculator I have found to be the most accurate so far as it confirms what FTDNA and Dr. McDonald have both said. Has anyone else had accurate results like this with this calculator?

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    ftnda: 96.75% orcadian, 3.25% african
    dr mcdonald: 96.8% (+/- .2%) europe and 3.2% africa

    weac2: 76.77% Atlantic, 15.16% Near east, 4.27% south asian, 2.94% african (+noise)

    But, if I am understanding things properly, the deeper ancestry of 'English' come up as about that mix of atlantic, near east and south asian, so that seems about right still.

    I've had a go at some of the gedmatch admixture utilities, and with some difference in labels/subpopulations, they mostly agree.

    Matches the paper trail pretty accurately. Now if I could just some matches to Y or mtDNa or FF any closer than '4th cousin'