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    I have 2 individuals-a male and female who match me on Ch 2 start location 106125807 and end location 202812458 both have the same number of centiMorgans of 34.73 and both the same number # of matching SNPs of 9080. Both parties have different surnames.
    1) Can any conclusion can be drawn from this?
    2) Is it possible they are brother and sister/father/son/mother/daughter or none of these-just coincidence?
    3) The female is depicted on the top half of Cr 2 while the male shows up on the bottom half of Cr 2. Is this of any significance?
    4) I've asked myFTDNA for an option to include myself (my results) on all charts and thus be able to see myself as other see me on all applications. In this instance I'd be able to see possibly how I matched-do I just have a small segment which overlaps the other two? or does their 34.73 cM just overlap a small part of all mine?

    I hope all this make sense.



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    I have 2 individuals-a male and female who match me on Ch 2 start location 106125807 and end location 202812458
    This means that both individuals share that entire segment with you. The colored lines show where THEY match YOU. If they are closely related, they will probably share a lot more on Chr 2 than the 34.73 cM they share with you.

    This is a very common misconception when looking at the chromosome browser. I can't tell you how many times I see a question like yours - something along the lines of "I see their segments but where's mine?"

    All three of you have DNA which stretches from one end of the chromosome to the other. The colored lines you see are where YOUR DNA matches THEIR DNA. The "top half" vs. "bottom half" is just the order in which you selected them for viewing. You can select up to 5 matches at a time.

    Although I believe that these two are closely related, you should be aware that each chromosome consists of two copies (one maternal, one paternal) and that segments which APPEAR to overlap might be on different copies. The way to find out (same copy or different copy) is to ask Match A if he/she shares that segment with Match B.

    One of the first things I do when I suspect that two matches are closely related is to check their email addresses. Sometimes a person is managing the kits for several family members.