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DNA and Creationism

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    manga manga!!
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      Beccaficcu, Cannoli, and mutation rates.

      Originally posted by vinnie View Post
      As of now, there have been 1,541 views of this thread, and unless I misunderstood Ben's original post, it's really about mutation rates. So while I thank Linda for the web links she provided, I'm still waiting for someone who can speak with authority on the topic to answer my question, and ultimately Ben's.

      P.S. When I come across forum threads I don't like, I just don't read them.
      Those are my two favorite Sicilian dishes!

      As for experts on mutation rates? None lurk around here as far as I know. I am still trying to get the TMRCA issue settled.

      To keep things contextually literate in this post:

      Religion teaches how to get to heaven and science teaches how the heavens go. The problem is, we can and do weaponize both.


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        Yaffa, thanks for the link! I've got an unused website just hanging around, so maybe it's time to start an Italian food forum. Or we might be able to justify such a thread here if we discuss the genetic genealogy of our favorite Italian ingredients and then go slightly off-topic and trade recipes. I wonder how long it would take Darren to shut it down.
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          Originally posted by 507 View Post
          if man is nothing more than slightly evolved apes and monkeys, why are there still apes and monkeys ?
          If a salmon is just a slightly evolved fish, why are there still fish?


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            Originally posted by girlperson1 View Post
            Actually, the Nazis had a very perverted view of religion.
            But isn't all religion a perverted view of reality?


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              I am going to close this thread for now. While a discussion of mutations rates is relevant to genetic genealogy most of the posts were not in reference to that.

              -Darren Marin
              Family Tree DNA