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Bit of a new comer to understanding.

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  • Bit of a new comer to understanding.

    Most likely fit is 87.8% (+- 12.9%) Europe (all Western Europe)

    and 12.2% (+- 12.9%) Europe (various subcontinents)

    which is 100% total Europe

    The following are possible population sets and their fractions,
    most likely at the top.

    English= 0.795 Tuscan= 0.205
    English= 0.754 Italian= 0.246
    French= 0.611 English= 0.389
    Spain= 0.234 English= 0.766
    French= 0.805 Irish= 0.195
    French= 0.919 Finland= 0.081
    French= 0.914 Lithuani= 0.086
    French= 0.928 Russian= 0.072
    Irish= 0.573 Italian= 0.427
    French= 0.896 Belorus= 0.104

    What this is saying is that you are western European with the average
    ancestor being from somewhat east of England. In cases like this
    it can’t say exactly where each ancestor from. The idea is to plot say all
    16 of your great-great grandparents locations on a map, and
    calculate the average location. That’s where the green spot on the map
    ends up.

    Doug Mcdonald

    I'm trying to understand alittle more of what doug's BGA 3 is trying to show me. I see for the map one where he says about the average ancestor being
    from somewhat east of england. I've found a person who has quite a few (several) traceable people from my tree on their's starting at the ninth generation. Seems to fit as the stuff up to the 40th generation was based quite abit alot in the east of england areas (showed alot from france, some from netherlands, england, switzerland was a big one which I saw one of the surnames metzler with those people being in switzerland then metzger in germany. it seemed to show metzler (way) earlier then it seemed to switch in timing with the ancestors moving to germany to metzger.

    Paternal surnames: Kramer. Hinchcliffe. Raab. Friedrich. Schmidt. July (with german dots above the u.) Huck. Metzger. Holderer. Brumbaugh (brumbach?). Kemper. (seems to be alot of confusion regarding anna louisa julianna metzger and anna louisa julianna brumbaugh (kemper?). Anywho. Scherer. meuller. Engle. Dhom. Dohmen. Zimmer. Whitney.

    Maternal Surnames: King. Sechrist (hamilton). Keller. Love.

    Alot more on the paternal obviously heh.

    On mcdonalds pairs. I noticed even though the top is most likely there are quite a few pairs of french being the first of several pairs possibilities. I also heard how some combo's could be pointing to being similar to other locations so certains pairs reflect a similarity?

    In terms of family tree dna's info it also showed western european (following with french/orcadian/spanish 86% with 13%margin of error) and europe (13.87% with large margin of error of 13.28% O.o) overall with tuscan, finnish, romanian, russian following). Which (W.Euro and european) definitely fits as I on my own have traced back in 1700's paternal ancestors living in germany then found the generation tracing that someone else did the work and led me to see the metzler to metzger (in tandem with the move from switzlerland and some seeming to go to germany thus the change to metzger maybe?).

    I can try to provide more info if I can provide it. May have certain info, may not. But very willing to share to learn more and connect perhaps . I hope that's a good intro post. Thanks in advance. Would figuring how to post autosomnal info help any? Very new to this O.o.
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