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How does a Marker/H-group become dominant in a pop.?

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  • How does a Marker/H-group become dominant in a pop.?

    For example, R1b is defined by M343 and is present in the majority of Western European men. But if the mutation event occurred in just one man out of the thousands (I presume) of pre-historic Cro-Mags who became the Western Europeans then how did it become so prevalent?

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    By extension one woman out of Africa for the entire world!

    Things that contribute are: genetic drift and a genetic bottleneck.

    The re-expansion after the last glacial maximum. My understanding was that there were 3 ice age refuges, R1b being one of these, From a relatively small refuge group in Iberia (present day Spain) that quickly expanded back into western europe. Also the population would be younger (only 9 or 10 000 years) and therefore show less variability today.

    That is the theory as I understand it.