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Does Anyone Else Have Eyes Shaped Like Mine?

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  • Does Anyone Else Have Eyes Shaped Like Mine?

    Hello -

    I've always been curious about the shape of my eyes (see attached). They always seemed different than anyone else's eyes..

    MTDNA (FTDNA) - H11 {Pre-H11a}

    HVR1: 16220G - 16293G - 16311C
    HVR2: 195C - 263G - 309.1C - 309.2C - 315.1C - 523.2A - 523.1C

    CRS: 750G - 961G - 1438G - 4769G - 5162C - 8448C - 8860G - 13759A - 15326G

    FTDNA Population Finder

    Europe (Western European) - Frence, Orcadian, Spanish - 89.69% - ±9.27%
    Europe - Tuscan, Romanian, Sardinian - 10.31% - ±9.27%

    Paternal Family: Majority German with a few Danes thrown in. Schleswig-Holstein, Baden & Wuerttemburg

    Maternal Family: Majority English (early U.S. colonial) - many early Dutch lines in NY - Scandinavians in early NY (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish), 2nd great-grandfather came from France - Irish, Welsh, and who knows what all.

    Gedmatch AP_Mix Admisture Proportions

    East European - 11.2%
    West European - 51.7%
    Mediterranean - 26.2%
    Neo_African - 0.3%
    West Asian - 6.8%
    South Asian - 0.6%
    Northeast Asian - 0.2%
    Southeast Asian - 0%
    East African - 0.3%
    Southwest Asian - 1.5%
    Northwest African - 0.9%
    Paleo African - 0.4%
    Paleo African - 0.4%
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    They look normal to me.


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      I have seen people with eyes shaped like that before.Why?


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        They are wide and round near the nose; then the lower lid curves upward towards the outer edge leaving little of the white area exposed. I'm not saying they are not normal - I am saying that in comparison to all of my classmates, friends, and family they are very different. Just a matter of curiosity and wondereing if this may be a genetic trait.


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          They look like my mothers.
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            Yes they do somewhat. Mine are more rounded near the nose. She is a very pretty lady.


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              Eye shape is not communicated by or linked to mtDNA, but rather to autosomes.


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                Thank you, Javelin.


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                  My pleasure!


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                    Don't mean to hijack the thread, but I have been trying and trying to insert an image into my post and am unable to do it. Can someone please tell me how? My image is on my hard drive; not on a website.