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  • Ireland DNA in Irish Times

    I don't know if this has been posted before or not, but I read this recently somewhere and thought I'd share. I didn't know that there'd been a push by scientists to trace Scottish and Irish DNA. Oh how I would love to have access to this database for comparison!

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    Just seen your post.
    I have (only 12 marker results) for my husband and son ( not related) today. They have very strong Irish Scottish shropshire Staffordshire trees. Sons goes back a long way. They are both R M269. I am awaiting their FF tests. maybe you will have some more matches soon.


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      Andrea - too funny - I'm just seeing this now but I just replied to you on Facebook too!

      My Mom's side of the tree is all Irish, English and a wee bit of French. Outside of those ancestors arriving in America, I have nothing to go on at the moment. They all have very common surnames like Murray and Quinn, so I'd love some new matches! But I'd be really interesting in knowing what men she matches up to in Ireland or England and unless they test with FTDNA, I'll never know. FTDNA needs to work on negotiating access to that database imo! LOL


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        Chances are they are starting with this data:


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          This project interests me:

          A new project by the Genealogical Society of Ireland and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland aims to explore human genetic variation in the Irish population.