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Paternity Determination - 109 years late!

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  • Paternity Determination - 109 years late!

    My maternal grandfather was born in Sweden in 1896. On his baptismal record his father's name was left blank. After he came to America one of his Aunt's mentioned that she believed that his father was of a certain surname. We have had a male line cousin of mine get a 25 marker test and we have located male line descendants of the only three men of the relevant surname known to be in the town where my great-grandmother lived at the time of the conception. We have had 25 marker tests taken by all three. So far the first two have been completed and have been easily excluded. We are awaiting the test results of the individual I most strongly suspect as being the man that did the deed's grandson as I write this.

    If we get a 24 or 25 marker match I am assuming that we have probably got at least the right family. From that point it should be sheer detective work to try to exclude as many male line descendants of the family as possible to narrow our list of suspects to hopefully a small handful of possible fathers.

    Does this plan sound reasonable or are we missing something?

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    determination-146 years late!

    My g-grandfather's dad was a dissappearing act but we had his surname and it is also my maiden name. I researched the area where he was born and found a likely candidate. After 3 years of searching for a descendant, I finally found one and asked him to submit to the Y-DNA test. We matched 25 of 25, remarkable if you ask me, because our MRCA is 7 generations back! His 3rd g-grandfather and my 4th g-grandfather were the same man. In my case, I am 99.9% positive of the man who fathered my g-grandfather, age, location and naming made me confident.
    In your situation, I would feel confident with a close match in addition to the location of the male in question. Maybe down the road you can find something more that will actually pinpoint the name. I hope so. Good luck!


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      Originally posted by nyfromca
      , because our MRCA is 7 generations back!

      why should this surprise you?
      its from today to 7 generations not that it has to be 7 generations back .its only a wide operating field.