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  • New and a couple questions

    Hey group,

    My husband's grandfather was adopted so I ordered him the y test. My hope is to find his true surname. I have little to nothing to go on, on a paper trail. How are the odds of finding his surname?

    I had ordered a full sequence M test. My grandmother is still living. Would it be better to test my grandmother than myself to obtain more results (from farther back) or would it essentially be the same for me as it would be for her?

    How log does it take to get results back?


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    1. How many markers did you order? For an adoptee you would need a minimum of 37 markers and probably 67 would be better. At 12 or 25 markers you will likely get a large number of dissimilar surnames that will be of no assistance. If you obtain a very close match at 37 or 67 markers, then you have a pretty good chance of locating a true surname, otherwise? I am adopted and I am looking for my bio father's family, so far with no luck.

    2. If you can test your grandmother, you will get better historical records. Your dna was 'watered down' by combinations with your parents. Every generation gets waatered down a little.

    3. Y-DNA tests usually take about 4 weeks. MTDNA tests take a little longer. Family Finder DNA tests are about 4 weeks also. These figures are considering no problems either with the samples or the tests.

    But do not give up, it is an interesting trip.


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      Regarding you vs your maternal grandmother, if you are talking about the MTDNA test only (female line), then it's essentially the same, because you and your maternal grandmother share the same mtdna. If you are talking about other tests, like family finder, that test locations throughout the whole dna, then testing your gmothers will give you more information regarding her specific side of the family, because, as JP was saying, the dna gets mixed up and "watered down" so to speak, across generations.



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        Thanks guys,

        You have been very helpful. I have been reading and trying to learn as much as I can. It can be a bit overwhelming but I am so very excited!