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Factoid: Earwax Type

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  • Factoid: Earwax Type

    "Scientists have discovered that a mutation in a single gene determines whether your earwax is wet or dry. Wet earwax is believed to have uses in insect trapping, self-cleaning, and prevention of dryness in the external auditory canal of the ear. It also produces an odor and causes sweating, which may play a role as a pheromone.

    The results column gives the three possible alleles from the test."

    CC Wet earwax
    TT Dry earwax
    CT Wet earwax

    I do indeed have wet earwax and also hyperhydrosis.

    The reults page more info link takes one to the wiki page where I learnt two things I did not know.
    1) wet earwax flouresces under ultraviolet light.
    2) used in pigments used in medieval manuscripts.

    This genetics stuff is fun!