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Y strs - combine anonymous databases?

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  • Y strs - combine anonymous databases?

    I have just come across an excellent source of information about Y strs. Y-HRD is a university centered consortium for research on strs located in Berlin. It contains a very large range of European samples as well as some samples from other continents. (A major difference from FTDNA is that there is only one Jewish sample). The consortium uses 11 of the 12 FTDNA loci plus DYS 438. The site allows one to search for exact matches at any combination of the 12 loci(e.g. DYS 390 and 391) as well as combinations of near matches at the 12 loci.

    As a result, I was able to find exact and near matches somewhat different from my FTDNA results. Why can't anonymous str data from commercial ventures be combined with academic data to form a single comprehensive database. Currently all one can get at an individual site is highly selective, i.e. unrepresentative, information. Right now the possibility of obtaining comprehensive information is limited by the extent of one's expertise and the quality of the search engine. Santa, I wish for a single site where I can get all my str information.

    Josh Weinstein