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New DNA matches.........where?

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  • New DNA matches.........where?

    I keep getting emails that there are new dna matches for my dad. There is no link to the new match. Where to I find them. I tried looking through the matches and advanced matching but there are so many on there how would I know which one is the newest when there are 9+ pages?

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    Go to Y-DNA filter matches page and select 'match date' column at the far right. By clicking on this heading it will sort matches by the newest or oldest dates.


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      Aha got it! Thanks.

      Still it's no big deal if its a 12/12 match. My dad doesn't seem to match anyone within 13-37 where it actually matters.


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        misleading "Y-DNA12 Match 12 for 12" emails

        One thing I've noticed is that the emails come with a subject line that says

        "XXXX Project Member has a Family Tree DNA Y-DNA12 Match 12 for 12" but it turns out the match is actually only 11 for 12 - not 12 for 12.

        And, yes, I have alerted the helpdesk to this glitch twice now, the second time just the other day.