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  • Grandparent DNA test

    Which company will give me a DNA test to determine if I am related to Grandparent? I seen a few online, im looking for a good price and results in a week, other than the FF offered on FTDNA

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    We are not allowed to post links to other DNA companies at this forum. It's in the terms of use. See

    Send me a private message and I can send you a link to company that does it.

    UPDATE: Instead of playing the wait game, I just sent you the details in a private message.
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      I should have included the following. A paternal test would be better since it is a conclusive result.
      Grandparent tests are not guaranteed yes. A no is 100% definate. This type of DNA testing is referred to as Avuncular DNA analysis.

      Unlike a DNA paternity test which will always provide a conclusive result, avuncular DNA tests are different. When an avuncular DNA test is conducted, the laboratory will determine the genetic profile of the alleged relatives Based on the type of genetic material exhibited by each person, an avuncular index is determined. If the avuncular index is less than 1.00, this indicates non-relatedness. If the avuncular index is greater than 1.00, this indicates that the two tested individuals are more likely to be true biological relatives. The higher the value of the avuncular index, the greater the likelihood that the two individuals are true biological relatives.
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        Thanks Tick, I received these results from FF a couple days ago. I been talking to this person who lives 20 miles away. His deceased father or his living brother are the 2 suspects. More than likely his brother. This person's mother is 90 and agreed to test. So if I am related to her its her son and if not its this persons father. The suspect brother will not know anything untill the testing is complete, aka Father or half brother
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          Congratulations on finding such a close match. With a FF match that huge so extremely close no need for the grandparent testing.


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            The guy wants to know if I am brother our nephew, his mother is 90 and wants to know If I am her grandson before she passes, this is all crazy but it all happened this way, so only thing I can do beside the FF for her is to do this Grandparent test as we are looking for the quickiest results


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              Oh sorry yes assuming neither your parent or aunt/uncle on that side is not available for discussion or testing, I see your desire. The grandparent test I sent is what you want. It's pretty cheap and in your case is very important. Again congrads!!

              Your other option is FF for the brother or nephew, but you would be waiting long for FF results. Also the sibling test is an option, but not sure if it rules out other close relatives. You'll need to check.

              Good luck and keep us posted with an update!
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                At 2090 CM FTDNA suggests Half sibling, but this person I matched to says he suspects his brother as he was a musician traveling the world back then and was with a lot of women. SO, could 2090 CM still be uncle or is that way to high?
                Also we are YDNA 67/67 so it is very cool!! and thanks for the congrads!
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                  Could be either based on the table of ranges:

                  This matching is based on a curve so not a yes no answer, but a more likely half sibling with an uncle not out of the range.
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