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    I am trying to figure out how to see differences between a half sister (same mother different father) and a niece (daughter of another sister same mother different father) on the chrome browser. What I did was pull up chrome browser for each and vice versa and printed a copy of each and they came out identical. I also did some sharing of segments to those listed on the chrome browser and all did not appear on each other's browser which is at it should be. Confused to say the least.

    Can someone explain to me why they are identical as neither had taken mtDNA test and Family Finder is autosomonal, right. They both had blue background and orange segments 56 listed. I must be doing something wrong but don't know what. Thank you , Lookin2

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    With just the three tests you will not be able to tell the difference between a half sister and a niece. You will need more people tested to determine a difference like the nieces parent or the half sisters' parent.

    The colors are meaningless since they are picked based on the order you add to the chromosome browser. The same number of segments being 56 that you match would be seem unlikely but could certainly happen. You might want to double check and post images/tables of the matching if you would like more analysis.