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  • MyHeritage DNA tests

    MyHeritage has partnered with Family Tree DNA and is now offering DNA testing.

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    Interesting.... FTDNA has been partnering with for a few months. See

    So is FTDNA just getting ready to compete with now that has added DNA testing? Or are these FTDNA just normal marketing partnerships?


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      I'm curious. I looked at the tests they offered and only got mtDNA and FF. Are they not offering Y-DNA or did they only show me the tests available for a female, since I am a registered user?



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        The ad certainly shows ydna. See


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          OK thanks. I'll try looking at the site from another computer that doesn't have a myheritage cookie stored. I wasn't planning to order anything. As a project administrator, I wanted to see what was available in case I get any questions about it.



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            FTDNA first teamed up with MyHeritage in 2008. That's how I first heard of genetic genealogy.

            They are also selling Family Finder.


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              Originally posted by aidan View Post
              FTDNA first teamed up with MyHeritage in 2008.
              If that's the case, I'm wondering why it's now being discussed again, albeit without the usual PR hoopla associated with such a partnership.


              Feb 17, 2012
              MyHeritage Offers Tests from Family Tree DNA

              MyHeritage is the most popular family network on the web with over 62 million users.

              The company just announced a partnership with Family Tree DNA to offer DNA tests to its members.

              Their results will become part of the already large FTDNA databases. This is exciting news for the genealogy community as a whole.

              Current genetic genealogy databases are heavily dominated by Americans and other former British colonies. But MyHeritage has tremendous reach around the globe.

              Attracting a flood of testers from a greater variety of countries can help all of us rediscover the family connections that were broken by emigration hundreds of years ago.

              Link: http://www.dna-testi...sting-blog.html

              Let's hope it does encourage more Europeans to the FTDNA database.