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Detemining haplogroup subclades

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  • Detemining haplogroup subclades


    I have just recently read on a post that someone was put into catagory (*)
    The person is confused because of certain mutations he has suggests he should be in H5 subclade. I was determined and H7 and have 519c in HRV1 and no mutations in HRV2 would this not sugest that I am merely a haplogroup H and not subclade H7?
    How does this work? Are subclades simply determined by mutations?
    If so, I am not sure my designation of H7 was correct.
    Thank you for any clarificatrion.

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    There are two tests that must be run to firmly establish one's place in H haplogroup: 2706 and 7028. If these tests are positive, then 519C basically bisects H.
    Those haplotypes without the C mutation at 16519 will belong in: H4,H5, H6, H8, H11 and H15. Those haplotypes with the 519C mutation will fall in H1, H2, H3, H7, H9, H10, H12, and H13.
    I have a phylogenetic tree that shows all this information, unfortunately I cannot remember where I found it. If it comes to me I will forward the URL to this list.

    Happy Hunting
    Jeffrey Stewart
    H3 and still searching

    PS. If you go to FTDNA Home page and find a link in the center column near the bottom of the page "H sub-clades". Click on this link and you'll find a simplified version of the phylogenetic tree I spoke of.
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      good work jeff

      i know youll find it sounds like progress


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        H subclades


        I was nearly as puzzled with my mtDNA "H" as I was with my YDNA of E3b. Being experienced with "no help" for the E3b I decided to find out all I could about "H". It's been a long dusty road, and I'm not at the end yet.
        How is your quest coming along?

        Jeffrey Stewart
        E3b and H3 and STILL searching. ;o)


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          hey i struggle to see where i am going
          man getting 9,000,000 people tested seems so far away but thats when we will all have enough matches to have several people with one name matching several other with another.

          one of my favorite movies is close encounters. when they ship is playing the music and the land computor takes over. one man says i hope someone is "taking all this in"

          the one thing i know for sure is we know nothing yet!! and i hope to be around when it becomes clearer