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    I have been working on a phasing tool. It is still at an early stage, but I think it's far enough along to call it a beta. It currently is a Windows command line program, so you should be comfortable with that before trying to use it. I will eventually wrap it in a windowed application, and since it's written in c#.Net, will probably make a version that can run on Linux and Macs using Mono.

    It works with raw FTDNA and 23andMe files. It currently has limited functions, but can find matching segments between the files, can phase (where possible) data using long matching segments, and having phased data, can split and clone the two phased sides so you can use the output to feed into other programs like DIYDodecad to see its analysis of a double copy of one side of your phased data. There is a readme file, and just running the program without any parameters will output some help on the commands and parameters to those commands.

    I have limited time to work on it, and even less time to answer a lot of questions (it leaves less time to work on the program), so please try first to figure it out from the documentation it has, and see if others who are successful can help you past a sticking point. So at this point, as a beta, I'm kind of just tossing it out there for those that can get some use out of it in its current state.

    The program is free, will always be free, and all the files stay on your computer - no uploading your genome files somewhere. I don't want to collect folks genetic data. After I get it further along, I will likely release the source code as well for people to use as they wish.

    You can download it here:
    That zip has all the files including one large file containing reference data on all the SNPs. As I release new versions, I will also release a file called
    that just contains the new program files which are very small.


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    Good start for personal projects

    This tool is a good starting point for analyzing FF & 23andMe data for a specific geographic or period based project. Even though this version does only 1 vs 1 comparisons it is easy to wrap it up in a language like perl, php, powershell,... to set up larger sets of comparisons.

    Remember that the parameters are in the config file. You will need to adjust those a little bit to have the program push out results similar to FF or at 23andMe.