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Frodazzle surname ????

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  • Frodazzle surname ????

    Does anyone have any info on the surname Frodazzle ? From venezuela or Zimbabwe ? Most distant known ancestors Boombazzle Frodazzle and Tiquila Frodazzle.

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    Sounds like someones having a lend of you.


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      Someone is not being very nice to you. Boombazzle and Frodazzle are ---zzle words Snoop Dog from the hip-hop community uses to express derogatorily rants so they are not bleeped out. Many people think these words are humorous, I guess because they just don't know why they are really being used.


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        Although not quite as creative, and probably not posted for the same reasons, one of my matches is related to the LNU family.

        For those who do not know, "LNU" is an acronym for "Last Name Unknown".


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          Mispronounced becomes misspelled..

          Dont let them diss you! The mispronunciation of foreign names by US immigration clerks is notorious.

          Your name is the mispronounced version of a Slavonic or East German name like Frudasl or Freudasl.

          ( Remember Przemysl, which derailed US radio newsmen when Hitler invaded Poland?) Ask some recently immigrated Poles or Germans if they recognise the sound of your name..