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    On the ENFSI site, where do you find all of those values that you have to enter in?

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    Just curious Why do you want to enter information there? It's a forensic site no?


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      If it's a forensic DNA database, they're probably using the CODIS markers. Those are autosomal STRs, which you can get tested, if you're really interested, but not very useful for genealogy.


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        Here's a little elaboration on what NathanM posted. As he correctly wrote, ENFSI uses autosomal STRs. If you've tested at 23andMe or have Family Finder at FTDNA, you have autosomal SNP results. There's no way to enter 23andMe or Family Finder results in the ENFSI database for a search, since STRs and SNPs are different.

        And, as NathamM implied, trying to get genealogical information from ENFSI when you already have 23andMe or Family Finder results would be like keeping your car in the garage and riding around on a horse and buggy. Now that hundreds of thousands of autosomal SNPs can be tested, using a couple of dozen autosomal STRs for genealogical purposes is pretty much worthless, if there ever was much worth in doing that.


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          autosomal STRs for genealogical purposes
          Just to point out that " for genealogical purposes " is the important phrase in that sentence . Law enforcement uses STR information for processing/matching
          of crime schene DNA as a matter of routine. When you have STR information available it can be fun to run it through CODIS to see what your profile looks like. There are also a few sites that will take a guess as to your geographic origins but are so broad that they are worthless.
          For example mine says Eurasian, which is a huge land mass.
          My STR information was available from a alternative web DNA test site that because i believe it is bogus I won't even mention the name.
          Let's just say it was a novice mistake.