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  • French Canadian DNA Project

    Do you have French Canadian ancestry? Have you tested with FTDNA or 23andMe? If both are true and you have also uploaded your Autosomal results to then please join the newly formed French Canadian DNA Project.

    Created and hosted by John O., founder of Gedmatch the project utilizes the Gedmatch database, but isolates those of us who have French Canadian ancestry in order to examine and compare shared DNA and common ancestry.

    In order to join, please have at least one ancestor who was of French origin and settled the modern provinces or Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia prior to 1800. This would naturally include the Acadian population who spread out great distances (Louisiana for example) after their forced expulsion by the English.

    Three easy steps to join:

    1) Create a profile and upload your Autosomal DNA to

    2) Create a profile on here --

    3) Email me (James B) at [email protected] and I will add you to The Project.

    Thanks Everyone!

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    Im glad you still post from time to time. I am already a member and hope others join.