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Question on what test to order.

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  • Question on what test to order.

    My husband is interested in getting his DNA tested (he is adopted). I thought it would be more effective to test our son (15 years old) and add the MTDNA test that would show my female line. I read FTDNA that it's best to test the older generations as opposed to the younger. Opinions??


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    why not do both dad maybe 1-25 and mtdna full and son 1-12 and hvr 1 you can always update later . thats what i did now i have my ydna and my moms mtdna matched my grand moms neice and my sion matched and i have my wife daughter and grand sons mtdna all i need is a cousin of my wife and we prove it all

    imagine this you had your grand dads ydna and his dads that would include your grand moms and great grand mom for matches
    some day your gggrand children will thank you

    especialy that wierd ggggneice that does genealogy and wont leave the dead dead


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      I did both my y-DNA & mtDNA.
      I had my dad take the mtDNA test.
      I had my maternal uncle take the y-DNA test.
      I have had appropriately selected more distant cousins take the tests to provide results for other parts of the family.

      If you can persuade more distantly related cousins to take the tests, do so, since you, as a genealogist, stand to benefit from their results. If money is an issue with them, you might have to pay for their tests.

      If the cost for DNA testing seem too high, think of it this way: You would pay about the same for a brief genealogy trip (a couple of nights in a motel, plus gasoline) and probably get information that wouldn't have the long term value of the DNA results.

      Timothy Peterman


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        dont forget the grandneice of you maternal grand mom and and the males of that line too

        this is the best buy in genealogy because long after you and i am gone the matches will come in actually its cheap

        whats it worth to find you ggrand dads lost brother and his line

        thats what your ggrand neice will get


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          What is the HVR1 test?


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            The HVR1 test is the basic mtDNA test. The comprehensive mtDNA test involves HVR1 and HVR2.

            About your first question...I wouldn't know if a DNA test is not as effective in teens but if your son were to take the Y-DNA test instead of your husband, it would only tell you part of your husband’s DNA, the male line. Your husband might want to find out what his own mtDNA is (female line) by taking that test himself. That’s what I would do if I were in his place. And then your son can take the mtDNA test and it would tell you what your own mtDNA is. I hope I made sense.