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Interesting developments at 23andMe

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    This announcement was posted late yesterday.

    My initial reaction is positive, and it has been mostly well-received by their customer community. It will take a while to rebuild trust, if that is even possible now. It seems people will wait and see.


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      The recent crisis was a boiling point of long-simmering dissatisfaction and management's refusal to take notice of that dissatisfaction. In particular, the crisis was caused by an un-announced policy shift regarding subscriptions that came on the heels of a redesign of Community (their Forum) that customers had not requested and did not like.

      I don't know if the user base will quiet-down over the seven month wait for improvements to ancestry tools and site services. Rather, it seems, users are now combing all the fine print, parsing every corporate pronouncement and finding more questions than answers.

      I doubt management can assuage every user concern, especially as some concerns bear on the company's evolving business plans. So, customers will have to rethink their involvement just as management has pledged to rethink their ancestry offerings.

      It will be a long and trying seven months!
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        Thank you everyone for this thread

        I just ordered from them in early Dec (so I apparently would be eligible for Lifetime at $99), and they did not tell me anything about any changes. I haven't rec'd my results yet.


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          23andMe is rewriting their FAQ's etc. to reflect the new terms regarding subscriptions. You might monitor developments there for info regarding your particular subscription situation.

          Cannot help you with DNAForums.


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            Originally posted by tomcat View Post
            It will be a long and trying seven months!
            I was thinking the 7 months will go very fast and we all might be wondering if the focus on ancestry has yielded enough to justify the $99 Lifetime of v3 purchase. The ball is in 23adnme court and it will be very interesting 7 months.