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    Wow! Good stuff!


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      Using Find A Grave

      I have placed a few hundred memorial on Find A Grave. I use the site frequently. My only recommendation would be to include more links to other close family members. Also include obituaries and pictures. I realize that some people are adding many people that they have no connection to and don't have any personal information, but when visiting the site please add anything that you have or contact the administrator and let them know of corrections or additions.

      It is a very good site.


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        Yes it is a good site. I've been there for a few years. I've added a lot of memorials for my ancestors. Many people are very helpful there. Volunteers have uploaded requested grave photos for me.

        A big surprise was when my mother's first cousin found me there. Long story short, my mother wants nothing to do with said cousin. It has to do with said cousin's mother (power of attorney/executrix) stealing the inheritance of five grandchildren to give to her own daughter (mother's first cousin). She didn't even offer an apology.
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