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Ordering Problem--need advice from admin

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  • Ordering Problem--need advice from admin

    Hi. Another individual and I are both trying to order a $29 SNP, and when we get to the checkout, the software's adding a $9.50 transfer fee from Arizona.

    Both kits started at FTDNA in Houston, so we don't understand this.

    Any help would be appreciated; thanks.

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    All the basic testing (12/25/37/67 marker yDNA, deep clade tests, mtDNA tests) are done at the University of Arizona testing lab. Your DNA sample is stored there.

    All orders from the Advanced Orders menu, whether SNPs or STRs, are done at FTDNA's lab in Houston. They have to get some of your DNA sample from the University of Arizona to do those tests.

    The $9.50 fee you're being charged is a one time fee to transfer some of your DNA from the University of Arizona to the Houston lab. They transfer enough so that many tests from the Advanced Orders menu can be done on what's been transferred.


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      Oh, ok; thanks for the quick reply!