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Do Haplogroups Change?

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  • Do Haplogroups Change?

    How common is it for Haplogroups to change between the HVR1 and the HVR2? I see people that have similar mutations on the HVR1, but they are a different haplogroup than I am. Might my haplogroup change when I get the results of my HVR2 back? I kind of don't want to join a haplogroup project yet.

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    May I ask what your haplogroup is?


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      Mine is J...just J, nothing else...


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        I don't know a lot about mtDNA J, so these comments are general in nature. Your basic haplogroup of J won't change, but if you've ordered the FGS you may be assigned to a subclade (subgroup) of J if the results show that you do indeed belong to a particular subclade. If you've ordered just the upgrade to HVR2, then you won't be assigned to a subclade because FTDNA doesn't test the coding region in that test, and the coding region values are needed to verify subclades. However, depending on what your HVR2 values are, you may get some idea of what your subclade is depending on the HVR2 values because for some haplogroups, certain subclades can be predicted based on those values. After your get your HVR2 results, if you see matches on your Ancestral Origins page that belong to a particular subclade in addition to those that are just J, then you may get a good idea of your subclade.