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  • N in FASTA data

    I just got my MtDNA FGS and was looking at my FASTA data and noticed an N at line 39 column 68. When I look at my differences reported by FTDNA I do not see a location with an N? So I'm guessing this N is the "G or A or T or C" heteroplasmy, so why is it not reported by FTDNA? Also is there an easy way via website or UNIX script I can use to quickly determine what location line 39 column 68 is?

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    Hi thetick and all,

    I believe you are looking at position 3107 where in the revised CRS they discovered there was an extra C in the original CRS. So instead of renumbering every base after 3106, they keep the "phantom mutation" and usual label it 3107N. See last paragragh here:

    Bill Hurst


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      Wow what a mess. I'll email FTDNA to get their response and hopefully it the same explanation. Thanks. Anyway since there are 80 values per line I got that location by 38*80+68 which is a pretty quick calculation for the location.