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    When I click on the button marked Matches By Project I am taken to a screen that lists the various projects that I have joined with a "Last Match Received On" column with dates and a column labeled "Matches" with the number of my supposed matches. That's fine, but how do I find who those matches are?

    Is there any way to actually locate my matches for each of the listed projects? Simply knowing, for example, that I have 6 matches in North Carolina Early, 5 matches in Laurens County-SC, etc. doesn't really do me much good if I have no means of determining the identity of those matches or how to reach them from this screen.

    If I set my preferences to put my results up against the entire database, I can see the names and addresses of my matches, but when I do that there is still no means of telling which of those matches are from which one of my projects. If I visit the project sites that even post my results, and some of them don't, there's no way to easily identify any matches without performing a manual comparison.

    There is probably an obvious answer to my inquiry but I'm not embarrassed to ask since I've had no luck finding an answer on my own.

    Thanks for any help!

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    I'm not 100% sure, but I think it works like this: if you turn off "match against entire database", YDNA matches will show the matches you have on your "default" project (the one selected in the upper left corner). Keep in mind that the same people may be members of several projects. I have 1 match in one project, 1 match in another project and 3 matches in the database. This gives 3 in total as the ones in the projects are also allowing comparison to the FTDNA database.

    If you turn off "match against entire database" to look for project matches, I strongly suggest you turn it on again afterwards to make sure you don't miss any matches.


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      Thanks but when I do that and I click on the button marked "Matches By Project" I am just shown a screen telling me that i have x number of matches for the particular individual project that is checked in the upper left portion of the menu items on the left.

      Maybe I am expecting to much in terms of results from the selection of the button marked "Matches By Project" and I am being shown all that the system is capable of doing. I would expect however, that when I am seeking information regarding my "Matches By Project" I would at least be shown at list of the actual matches within each project rather than simply just the number of matches within a project and the date of the last match. As I mentioned in my original post just knowing that I have matches in a project provides me with little information if I then can't determine who those matches actually are without doing a manual visual comparison within each project and even then some of the projects that I joined don't even seem to be posting results of members, including mine.


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        DME I think you may have misunderstood K. O., if you do what they suggest on your profile page and then go to your Y matches tab is will only show what is in the project. That will match the number you see on the matches by project tab. Than as you change your selected project at the top left and go back to the Y matches you will see it reflect the new selected project. The "matches by Project" info does not change, you have to go to the Y matches tab to see the effect.


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          The "Matches By Project" page simply lets you know how many matches you have in each project. To see your actual matches, you need to use the standard Matches page.

          This is a new page, and I'm sure there's room for improvement. If there's specific functionality that you would like to see, you can send your suggestion via the Feedback form and it will be forwarded to IT for consideration.