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  • Correlation of Exact Matches - Haplotree

    Not sure if correlation is the right word, but you'll get my drift, I hope.

    I'm curious about the 'exact matches' shown in the second tab of the Haplotree when I am in My FTDNA in the Y-DNA section.

    For the moment (more results pending) I have Y25 panel only. Clicking the 'Haplotree' shows me as 'predicted' Haplogroup R1b1a2 (R-M269). (L325- L21- L196- L193-)

    If I click on the second tab 'My Matches' at this page I get a long list of exact matches, one step mutations, and so on, listed by 'Country' 'Comment' and 'Count'.

    By far, the most exact matches (46) are for R1b1a2a1a1b4 of 'Unknown Origin', followed by 39 at R1b1a2 'Unknown Origin' then 25 'exact' at R1b1a2a1a1b. After that, the many other 'exact' fall away considerably.

    And so my questions:
    1. Given that I have yet to receive my Y67 panel and the Deep Clade, is there any inference to be drawn here (at Y25 results level) regarding my likely 'tested' haplogroup when it arrives.
    2. If I have 46 'exact matches', why is it that I only have 8 exact matches at Y-25 if I click on the Y-DNA matches? Are all the remainder 'hidden' from view in projects never to be seen publicly unless you 'luck out' and join a project.
    3. Or, are the exact matches at the Haplotree tab not connected to the exact matches at the Y-DNA matches tab?

    It's not critical to know the answers, but I am curious, and I'd like to hear from anyone who knows the answer. :-)

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    Number 3. The "exact" in the haplotree are tree and branch focused (haplogroup), the "exact" in the marker page are marker focused.