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  • How to read new matches

    I am only a week into this and have a number of matches at 12 and25 level, but last couple of days I get an email saying 'Family Tree DNA Y-DNA25 Test Match' etc. etc. You have a new match found.......

    My question is how do I just see this new one? Is it the top one on list. Have not figured out how the list of matches at each level is sorted top to bottom.

    The have a FAQ link in the message but I don't see it answering my question.


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    Your YDNA matches are placed as the closest to you at the top. Sometimes that's more than one name being the same distance but either the top name or top names are your closest matches. They are grouped by panels so the top one(s) in each panel are the closest.

    One exception.. New matches. The new matches will appear at the top with an asterisk ** next to their name. It will stay that way a day or so and then move in into the location they best fit by distance.

    If you still don't see it try adjusting your settings as to what panels you can view and which ones are hidden.


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      correction.. it looks like it doesn't sort anymore, it just lists the most recent at the top now.. and asterisks stay near the new match one day then go away.



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        Or Longer


        I believe the double asterisks stay until the kit owner views the matches. As a project admin I know some kits have had ** following a name for weeks.