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  • What can I do?

    I want to know if I am a descendant of M1 and F1 below. Is there a way to determine that?

    _____M1 --- F1
    Gen 2: M2 F2
    Gen 3: ____|
    Gen 4: ____|
    Gen 5:_____|
    Gen 6:____me

    So I think I descend from a daughter of M1 and F1.

    What can I do?

    Roy Shaw

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    I'm not sure I understand your diagram, but I'll take a stab at trying to help. I take it you've done some research on genetic genealogy, and realize a Y-DNA test won't tell you anything about female ancestors.

    There are two other options: First, but only if the descent from the females is your direct maternal line, is an mtDNA test. It's generally not as helpful as Y-DNA, since the surnames change every generation, and it mutates much slower. However, it can easily disprove a relationship. Second, an autosomal DNA test, like the Family Finder (FF) test, can help with any line. However, only a small percentage of relatives beyond the fourth cousin range will show up as matches. Both cases require descendants of those ancestors to test. It's possible there are already some in the system, but the ideal situation would be to identify known descendants and have them tested.

    Genetic genealogy might help you find relatives you didn't know you had, but it works best for testing a hypothesis. In this case, that you and another person are both descendants of a specific ancestor. Then, if you're mtDNA or FF matches, it provides further support for your hypothesis. If you're not mtDNA matches, it rules out a common maternal ancestor. On the other hand, not being FF matches doesn't necessarily mean you're not related, just that you don't share enough DNA to match.