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    I have been told that Chromosome Browser is only good when matching segments are exact with the same starting and ending points. Is this correct? I have confirmed matches from my mother's maternal and paternal sides. I can see when doing a comparasion on these that there is no conection between these two lines. When I run my other matches (1X1) against them and I have some people that match a segment but not exactly does that mean they are probably, posssibly conected to that particular line? If other matches don't even come close to segemnts on either of these is it possible/probable that these non-matching segement people would be on my paternal side?
    Is there a "white paper" on Chromosome Browser"?

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    Well I'm using an iPad at this moment so I can't answer your questions in detail but here's a brief reply

    First no it's not true the chromosome browser only works if the start and stop are exact.

    One consideration is the chromosome browser will display both maternal and paternal segments on the same chart. Family Finder can't distinguish between msternal and paternal segments so it displays and matches to either.

    Yes I wrote a paper but it's not necessarily a white paper, it's more like a beginners tutorial on how Family Finder works. It's being reviewed now and should be ready to release before months end. It's a 30 page paper mostly about segment mapping.

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