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    If a person is in my Y list 25 with a gd of 2, and he is also in my Family Finder list, would this mean that he is from the paternal side?

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    The short answer is no. The tests are different. Family Finder will give you matches to either lineage and unless this is a close match both in YDNA and in Family Finder there is not even a good probability they are of the same line. Had you asked if a YDNA match of 67-2 markers who also had a "Close" Family Finder prediction (like a 3rd cousin) is related to your father's lineage the answer would be much a more probable "yes" than in this case. Still no guarantee though, just more probable.

    This person and you may have a distant YDNA relative from many generations ago yet this person may be related to you through your mother's family in a closer time frame than the YDNA match.

    In this case there is no way to tell unless you have a paper trail or other data to use in backing the connection up. A YDNA 25-2 could end up being a either distant or very far. If you have not tested more YDNA markers it might be a good idea to see if the match continues past 25. It would also be a good idea to see if this one Family Finder match has other people in common with you who would help you confirm it is a paternal and not maternal match.

    There are just too many variables at this point.
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      Thanks Matt. When the paternal surname is unknown you are hoping for even a far off connection. Just to be able to say someone is related on the paternal side even if you have no idea how, is a small miracle. Still waiting for a 37/37 match and plugging away on ff.