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Need help deciphering my results.

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  • Need help deciphering my results.


    I have my 12 marker results, awaiting 37 marker results as I was told by the admin at the project group I belong to that my results have never been seen before although I still test positive for R-M222. This is referring to my DYS Alelle markers.

    I have NO matches by surname at all.

    I really don't fully understand meaning of the results.

    I am assuming that this means my common M222 ancestor lived a very long time ago.

    I am hoping my 37 marker results will offer clearer info.

    Last thing I want is to end up being further from the M222 haplogroup as this fits quite nicely in what I had hoped. I want to think I belong very much to my local environment at least within a few hundred miles and M222 would be just that.

    The more I delve the more confused i get however.

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    Are your results listed on a public website where we can look at them? If so, please provide us with the link and the kit # that we should be looking at.



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      How do you know whether you do or do not belong to the M222 project with only 12 markers? Did you also have a Y DNA deepclade ran for the M222 SNP? You did mention you tested positive for M222 so does that mean you did have a SNP test ran for M222 or does that mean something else?

      If you didn't have a deep clade test ran then you may need to wait for the other marker results to show up.

      I don't know your specific situation but there are "predicted" haplogroups and "confirmed (tested)" haplogroups. The two are not the same tests. Please clarify if you have predicted or confirmed results for M222.

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        Need Help Deciphering My Results

        Apparently you are aware of M222 being a deep subclade as you
        mentioned it must be from an ancient ancestor. Yes, it does go back to around 3,000 years ago and there should be many surnames and people that have M222+. As you are also probably aware this characterizes the Niall of the Nine Hostages haplogroup. There are a great many people and surnames related to the O'Neills and the O'Connors with M222+. There are even those who are named McManus who descend from an O'Conor high king of Ireland and they also have M222+.

        You should have scads of 12 marker matches if you have set your preferences on your FTDNA personal results page to "compare my results against the entire data base". I currently have nearly 700 just of those who match me at 12/12 markers. There are a great many more at 11/12 markers.

        If you already have changed your preferences and still have no
        matches, I don't know what the problem would be. Within my surname group and I only have two matches and they are at 11/12
        markers. Since my Y-DNA is very close to the Irish Maguires, there are now two more of my surname and we match at 65/67, 66/67
        and 105/111 markers.


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          Thanks for the replies.

          I was a genographic participant.

          I transferred my kit, and I'm sure I paid for a deep clade test. Kit N98498

          The result I received confirmed M222 with only 12 markers. I didn't fully understand that I should have perhaps more markers.

          The M222 project admin told me in email that whilst I tested positive he had never seen those values before. My values are;

          PANEL 1 (1-12)

          Alleles 13 24 14 11 11 12 12 12 12 13 13 29

          I paid further for a 37 marker test.

          AND I took my wife and daughter to N.W> Ireland for a 6 day break as I was quite excited and interested in learning some history of what I thought was my ancestral home. We as a family can only trace our Y chromosone back to my great grandfather. So this had a profound meaning to me. We visited, among a myriad of sights, Donegal Castle, the beltane stone circle, stayed with O'Donnell's, went to cultural shows and generally enjoyed our holiday. I learned of the mass migration, English invasion, so much - I learned a great deal and it was brilliant. I immersed myself in something I believed I was, in some way, connected to - it was very emotional.

          M222 makes sense as I'm near the Scottish border, though In England in Newcastle upon tyne. Lot's of Irish moved here to work in the last 4-5 hundred years, and low land Scots are not to dissimlair - well - Geordies (a person from Newcastle) are a mix of Norse, Saxon, Norman, Briton, Scoti, Roman etc so it was good to finally answer a riddle that has gnawed at me since childhood reading books in bed.

          I sent a message on the 'contact us link' over the weekend asking to have the information of exactly what I have paid for and what I should have.

          I have as yet had no reply.

          I did however receive this email yesterday - which I find quite frustrating!!!;

          A very small percentage of the tests we perform do not return conclusive results the first time we test. In these cases, the samples do not produce a reading that allows our lab to determine with 100% certainty the values for one or more markers or regions. When this happens, we re-test the sample. We repeat this procedure up to 3 times after the initial test fails to give a clear result.

          Your sample failed to produce a clear result in this run. Below is a status update for your kit number, N98498, as well as an estimated time of when the next rerun is expected to be completed:

          PP5 - 9/19/2011 This test failed to yield results for your sample. Your sample is being rerun now. Results from this round of testing are expected by this date.

          But - hello? I have recieved my 25 marker results and I'm awaiting 37.

          PANEL 2 (13-25)

          Alleles 17 9 10 11 11 25 15 18 30 15 16 16 17

          I still have no idea what is going on. It seems I need a degree to work this all out - or maybe just an answer from someone at FTDNA.

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            p.s. my surname is Turner - an English medieval name for a lathe worker - could have been adopted or given to my ancestor.

            I'm emigrating to Cape Town before the year is out, and this is kinda why I felt so strongly about realising my genetic heritage, to have an idea of roots.


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              Help with results

              Originally posted by efgen View Post
              Are your results listed on a public website where we can look at them? If so, please provide us with the link and the kit # that we should be looking at.

              Elise, would you be willing to help me with my results? I am test #207750, I don't know if you can see them. I don't understand them at all!
              Thank you,
              Kim Bowers