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    Hello List & Penguin; I can answer some questions , unfortunately not all. The test , I believe does not diifferentiate between mat.& pat., lines . Take a look at Max s response to CINDY ( 56%Native American? ?) As to how far back , I did receive some info , will have to access the disc. I received 7 !! pages of markers / genotypes & also my DNA sequences.,& the famous triangle diagram. This was the EURO 1.0 test , free for me , becase I was an early customer @ ANCESTRYbyDNA for a DNA Print test. That was an early test & my results were Indo-European 91%, East-Asian 9 %. I dont know the cost of Euro 1.0 , its on their web-site , I believe. My MtDNA is " H" , sub-clade H1*. My guess is that the 50 % Northern European is probably maternal, but , I cant say with certainty , as I have little info on the maternal side & absolutely nothing on the paternal side. They do send you quite a lot of information .Dont hesitate to ask if you have any more questions . KAT.

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    hi- I know it's a mix of maternal and paternal lines. Given the dna keeps getting mixed, was curious as to how far back they estimate the %'s really reflect. Is it hundreds of years or thousands? probably thousands.

    The other question was in the stuff they send you, do they specifically give the values for each base pair tested the way familytreedna does? i'm not sure how many pairs they use- i think Ive heard it's something like 250 base pairs scattered from all the different chromosomes. do you get the location of each along with your value (that is, g, c, etc.). If yes, the test seems worth doing for me, if no, I'm inclined not to do it.

    that's way cool that you got it for free!

    (p.s. i'm currently estimating what my %s might look like under different assumptions)


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      Be sure to check out past posts by searching for "DNAPrint" or "DNA Print." Several posters have expressed bad experiences.

      In my opinion, I believe they express their scientific knowledge (or lack thereof) by naming a DNA category after a language group (Indo-European). How very silly, in my opinion!


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        hi. thanks- i will check out the posts - I think many of those were posted
        before the euro 1.0 test became available.

        I agree with you that much of their website appears to be either pseudo science, or an odd over-defensiveness that's hard to describe but isn't a good sign.

        on the other hand, kat replied that they do send you your actual sequences. Unless they do the sequences wrong- unlikely- one at least has that data on ones own sequences even if their theories are wrong. they can be used to compare against research studies that have been published.

        i'll check out some of th epublised work on the markers for different european groups if I get a chance and see if there' some reasonalbe accepance in the community about whether factor analysis does implicate 4 different clusters for subananalzying european populations, and if one can draw conclusions based on how close one is to each cluster.

        it has the potential for being vastly more informaqtive that mtdna for the kinds of questions that most folk have about their genetic makeup, although granted it's no where near that point yet.