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    I already have an account with FTDNA. I would like to test my father's mtDNA. Would I be able to order a kit for him through my account or would I have to set up a separate account for him?

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    You can do either.

    If you are going to purchase it for him, then sign him up and have the results sent to your email address. If he is making the purchase for himself, then use your email as the secondary address. You can also sign him up through a surname project if you'd like. Either way, the results can be sent to you, BUT, he will have his own home page which correlates with his kit number. You cannot piggyback his results (at least I do not think) onto your page. I think that would be confusing for many reasons. I have purchased several kits for other family members, and will be doing it again soon. The summer sale just went up so now is a good time to make your purchases.


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      Thanks. Yeah, I've just seen the prices of the summer sale.
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